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Our History

On December 9th, 1998, an Imperial event took place here in Las Vegas, Nevada. The first Emperor and Empress of The Imperial Royal Sovereign Court of the Desert Empire, Inc. (IRSCDE, Inc.) were crowned. Mark Jensen-Jewel and DeShannon Christi Jewel took their places in the International Imperial Court System history by becoming Emperor and Empress I of Las Vegas.

Coronation, a gala function held once yearly, is where voters from within the boundaries of our “realm”, which includes Clark, Lincoln, and Nye Counties, crown the newly elected Emperor and Empress. This is significant, as the community has a voice in selecting who they want to represent them in their organization’s fundraising capacity. The primary goals of the elected Monarchs are to further relationships with organizations and businesses within our community, to hold functions and fundraisers for the enjoyment of the community, to raise money for charitable organizations and to help those in the community who are in need of assistance. Each different elected Monarch sets his/her own standard and selects causes that he/she feels are important. The Emperor and Empress also attend Coronations throughout the United States and Canada, representing the Las Vegas and Southern Nevada area in an attempt to further relations with outside communities.